Forensic Human Hair Examination Guidelines

  • Everything you wanted to know about hair examinations but never thought you would have to ask.
  • Process To Create

  • To provide a standardized methodology for the hair examination process
  • Drafts offered to community for comment
  • Comments reviewed by the hair subgroup and incorporated or denied
  • All changes presented to the full SWG for their review
  • Final draft voted on by full SWG - If approved, submitted to ASTM for incorporation
  • Enforcement - Voluntary
  • Documents

    Forensic Human Hair Examination Guidelines

    Forensic Hair Comparison: Background Information for Interpretation

    Forensic Human Hair Training Guideline

    Hair Admissibility Package

    Hair Bibliography


    Amy Michaud, ATF Laboratory

    Joshua Friedman, FBI Laboratory

    Silvana Tridico, Victoria Police Forensic Services Centre

    Peter DeForest, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Stephen Shaw, FBI Laboratory

    Lara Mosenthin, Kentucky State Police

    Larry Peterson, US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory

    Ricci Cooksey, California Department of Justice Sacramento Crime Laboratory

    Bonnie Yates, Retired US Fish and Wildlife Lab

    David Exline, Gateway Analytical