We are a relatively young professional organization, having been founded in 2009, and composed of over 350 professionals in the field of trace evidence. Our members include students, professors, forensic practitioners, and more. Despite our name, our membership includes representatives from a number of different countries.

ASTEE Objectives

Encourage the exchange and dissemination of ideas and information within the field of trace evidence through improving contacts between persons and laboratories engaged in trace evidence analysis.

Stimulate research and the development of new and/or improved scientific techniques for forensic trace applications.

Promote high standards of performance and professional ethics, and to acknowledge persons working in the recognized forensic science field of trace evidence.

While our objectives have never changed, we are continually looking for new ways to achieve them.

Encourage exchange of ideas

We currently encourage the exchange of ideas by publishing a peer-reviewed open access journal (Journal of the American Society of Trace Evidence Examiners), regularly publishing a newsletter, hosting networking receptions at professional meetings, and sponsoring free training workshops for our members.

We stimulate research and new ideas by offering research scholarships to promising students in the field of trace evidence.

Stimulate research
Members with award

Our members must adhere to the ASCLD/LAB “Guiding Principles of Professional Responsibility for Crime Laboratories and Forensic Scientists” code of ethics. Our Edmond Locard Award for Excellence in Trace Evidence is presented annually to acknowledge deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to the field.

Read ASTEEā€™s Current Bylaws and Administrative Rules

Current Bylaws (October 2022) Current Admin Rules (June 2023)

We have a diverse and talented membership, and we want our members to be as involved as possible. We would like to challenge every member to think of one way they can contribute to ASTEE, and then resolve to make it happen.

ASTEE Sponsors

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Upcoming Events

NWAFS ASTEE Fall Meeting

Starts: 2023-09-25
Ends: 2023-09-27

2023 NWAFS/ASTEE Annual Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
September 25 - 27, 2023

Please note: ASTEE Members will receive the NWAFS Member registration rate, but there will not be an option for the discounted rate on the registration page. NWAFS will update the registration cost on the back end using a copy of ASTEE's membership list.

Last day to register is Monday, August 21, 2023 at 12:00 PST.