Trace Subgroup

Trace Evidence Documents

Process to Create:

-Drafts offered to community for comment

-Comments reviewed by the glass subgroup and incorporated or denied. All changes presented to the full SWG for their review.

-Final draft voted on by full SWG - If approved, submitted to ASTM for incorporation

-Enforcement - Voluntary


Trace Evidence Quality Assurance Guidelines - Education requirements, ethics, validation, proficiency tests and other topics relative to quality assurance are included.

Trace Evidence Proficiency Testing Guidelines - Details to ensure a usable and applicable testing sample for inclusion in a proficiency test. To include descriptors on various options for testing.

Expert Reporting Guidelines - Information that should be included in reports that contain expert opinions concerning analyses, comparisons, associations, and other interpretations drawn during a forensic evidence examination.

Trace Evidence Recovery Guidelines - Details on techniques that should be employed when collecting trace evidence. Explanations are provided to assist in the section of the appropriate methodology.

ASTM Standards

E1492 - 11 Standard Practice for Receiving, Documenting, Storing, and Retrieving Evidence in a Forensic Science Laboratory

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